Experience Balancing Energy and Meditation

Goldie Amira RDH

Reduce stress and promote Health and Well-Being through the healing modalities of Reiki, EFT (tapping) Emotional Frequency Technique, Meditation, Acutonics (tuning forks), Sound Therapy, Kinesiology (muscle testing), Nutritional Consultation, Aromatherapy, Past Life Regression, Healing Touch and Personal Coaching for relationships and Spiritual growth. Private Sessions and Classes available for treatment and developing Your Healing Gifts.


“When our daughter was missing, Goldie described where she was and we were able to get her home safely and with her unique form of counseling she is now free from addicting drugs and leading a productive life.”
– Angie G.

“Goldie’s work as a radio host and motivational speaker helped me overcome my fear of dying.” – James S.

“Goldie’s use of hypnotherapy and nutritional counseling assisted me to face my shame and shed over 100 lbs.” – Cheryl A.

Cruise With Us, 4th Annual
Anti-Aging Get Away Cruise

October 16 – 23rd

 Enjoy the cool turquoise water and white sands of Cabo San Lucas. The history and beaches of Mazatlan and the beautiful town of Puerto Vallarta.
Relax – Rejuvenate and Ignite your Inspiration with our unique Anti-aging classes aboard the beautiful Majestic Princess.  Click the button for all the information.

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