Sessions with Goldie Amira RDH

These are customized treatments which includes a team of top experts in their field.

Custom Services for your Personalized Reset Program includes:
Personal Profile
Nutritional Counseling
Treatment and Balancing
Evaluation and Follow up

Services COULD include the following Treatments and modalities:

Juicing for One Week customized for Anti-Inflammatory or Weight Loss
2 Juice Servings Daily (local)
Microscopy (Blood Analysis) through Healthy Cell Solutions
Personal Coaching
iTivo Scanner for Essential oils AromaTouch Treatment
Acutonics (Tuning Forks)
Effective for Pain and Depression
Career Coaching and Marketing
Past Life Regression
One week Kick Boxing
Sedona Release Technique
Healing Touch
Touch for Health
DNA Clearing
Cellular Regeneration
Text support and Daily Word
Aura Reading and Clearing
Cranial Sacral
Music Therapy Stress Release
Prayer Treatment and copy
Home Clearing and Blessing

90 Day Program. $2,200
Initial 2 hour Session
Weekly Transformational Consulting 30 minute call.
Healing Modalities
Personal Coaching
AM Stretching Routine
One week of Kick Boxing
One week of Juicing if Local
Microscopy (nutritional blood analysis) 15 minute assessment
Music Therapy Stress Release
Nutritional and texting support, Customized recorded

21 Day Program. $1,200
Initial 2 Hour Session Balancing Energy
Daily Consulting and Healing Treatments
One week of Juicing
Nutritional Consulting Aromatherapy
One Week of Kick Boxing
Music Therapy Stress Release
Microscopy (Blood Analysis assessment)
Daily Text support.

Transformational Session $160 for 2 hours
Personal Coaching
Balancing Energy Healing Treatments
One Kick Boxing Class
Nutritional Consulting
2 weeks daily Text support

BODY Mind and Spirit
Belly Dance Lessons with Goldie
Belly Dance Private Lesson

Belly Dance Party with Costumes and Group Routine

Goldie’s Center of WellBEING

Kick Boxing with D.C. FIT in Las Vegas for locals

Drum Circles
Music Therapy-Judith Pinkerton

True Life Solutions
Microscopy and Nutritional Support-Sheila Z Stirling Phd

Pet Therapy and Communication-Sarah Stone

Hypnotherapy-Juanita Curiel

Magic Juice Magic Life-Maria Anderson