March 2018 Classes and Events

Aroma Dance Belly Dancing with Goldie
March 10th

Aroma Dance, Costumes, Veils, Canes Provided.
Fabulous Workout and FUN for all ages and Levels.

Barbara Greenspun’s Women’s Care Center West

7220 Cimarron Suite 195 Las Vegas, NV 89113
Warm Springs and Durango across from St. Rose WEST
No Fee
Classes 2nd Sat.
Next Class April 14th
North Side of building.
East of Main entrance side door.

Balancing Energy and Meditation
Goldie Amira

March 14th


A LOVING and Peaceful Evening of Balancing your energy and Meditation. Other healing modalities that are explored include: Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Tapping, Kinesiology, Healing Touch, Meditation and Aromatherapy.
$5 class fee
Classes 2nd Wednesday
Next Class April 11th

Barbara Greenspun’s Women’s Care Center WEST
7220 Cimarron Suite 195 Las Vegas, NV 89113
Warm Springs and Durango across from St. Rose Hospital San Martin’ WEST.

Heart Beat Drumming Meditation and Energy Balancing with Goldie
Classes will resume LATER in 2018

2975 S Rainbow Suite B
$5 Class Fee


Essential Oils for the Senses and the Sensations

Classes will resume later in 2018
Scanner, Diffusers and Many Samples Available

$5 Class Fee
2975 S Rainbow Suite B
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Make ‘N Take Holiday parties coming up!!

Essential Oils for theĀ  Senses’ and the Sensations
Will resume later in 2018

Make ‘N Take Essential Oils Holiday Party
Goldie Amira RDH

Doterra Essential Oils
New Oils from the
2017 SLC Convention

Yoga Blends to create calmness, clarity and courage called ARISE, ALIGN and ANCHOR.
SIBERIAN FIR for anxiety
BLUE TANSY for the skin
ROSE Touch is available for YOUR complexion
JASMINE for skin imperfections and uplifts moods
ON GUARD Spray kills 99% of germs and Bacteria. Great for Flu and allergy season!
NEROLI Touch for anxiousness and skin also from the Orange tree flower. Also these flowers are placed on the wedding bed to create camnes and a feeling of LOVE.
COPAIBA is an Cannabinoid (no THC) that safely effectively works on pain receptors!
Some of these Oils are now available or after Oct 2nd. Which ones can we order for you and your family?

Come experience:
iTovi Scanner to discover through the Bioimpedance scanner (Like the wrist FitBits) which Essential Oils are best for you at this time.
Samples of Deep Blue for pain and inflammation and OnGuard Lozenges for allergies and sore throats and the amazing OnGuard toothpaste.
Oils for Natural Healing, cooking and cleaning.
Refreshments. Informative and Fun!!
Upcoming Make ‘N Take:
Spray B4U Go
Sugar Scrubs

Lip Balms and more!
Text if you want an invitation to our next event or have a class at YOUR home!!